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Urgent Notices on Registration and Fees Payment

by Deputy Registrar, Academic Registry -


Students who missed the late registration of 8th April 2022 will be automatically registered and such registration will attract a late registration penalty of US$20 cash.


Students who have outstanding fees balances by Friday 20 May 2022 will be barred from writing the 2022 first semester examinations due to start on 6 June 2022. The outstanding balances will automatically be handed over to the University Debt Collectors. Affected students will bear the costs of debt collection.

How to reset your myHope password

by Taregererwa Josphat Maforo -

Are you trying to login, or you have forgotten your password and receiving the invalid login, as shown?

To reset your password, please take the following steps; 

Step 1: Click on the Forgotten your username or password? link. In the Search by username enter your student number then click on the Search button.

Step 2: In the Search by username enter your student number then click on the Search button.

An email with password reset instructions has now been sent to your WUA student email account which is part of your Microsoft Office 365 account.

Step 3: Visit to Sign in to your WUA Office 365 account (If you have not yet activated your WUA student email account, please follow this link).

Step 4: On your Microsoft Office 365 dashboard, click on the Outlook icon to access your emails.

Step 5: In your Outlook inbox, locate the email from myHope then copy the password reset link  provided into the address bar of a new window or tab.

Step 6: Reset the password to something you can easily remember then save changes

Your very own WUA email address

by System Administrator -

Great news to all new and returning students. You now have a Women's University in Africa email address. This email is linked to myHope, and a wide range of Microsoft services. You will be able to get notifications and updates directly from myHope in addition to using it for autonomous password reset. To get started with your new WUA email address:

  1. Click on this link to get to the login page (
  2. Use as your email address. For example, with a student number of w987654, the email address becomes
  3. The One-Time-Password is Change123
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to get into inbox
  5. Enjoy (You can also follow the steps in the video below)

(Edited by Taregererwa Josphat Maforo - original submission Thursday, 16 September 2021, 9:58 AM)

Registration Extension

by Deputy Registrar, Academic Registry -

Registration deadline extension

Please be advised that normal registration for the June 2022 semester ends on 31 March, 2022. With a penalty, the deadline for late registration is 8 April 2022.

Your Degree Transcript on myHope

by Taregererwa Josphat Maforo -

Your Degree Transcript on myHope

WUA is bringing in added convenience and flexibility in accessing your transcript through myHope. To access your online transcript

  • Login to myHope.
  • On your Home page, under the Examinations menu, click on the Examination Transcript link
  • Next, click on the Programme's link to access its transcript
NOTE: If you have gone through multiple programmes with WUA, transcripts for all your completed programmes would be listed alongside the transcript for the current programme.

Should there be any queries or adjustments that may need to be addressed, please contact the Academic Registry for assistance.

Interested in accessing new electronic Books and Journals?

by Taregererwa Josphat Maforo -

The Women's University in Africa Library is trying out new electronic resource databases. We would appreciate it if you took some time to explore the following electronic databases as part of your studies: Oxford University Press , Research for life (, Encyclopedia Brittanica (

  • Constance Mutengi(, Meroline Moyo( or Masimba Makoni(
Please sign up for the Information Literacy Skills (ILS101) course to know more about accessing library services

Online Registration

by System Administrator -

Semester Start Date

Please note that classes for all students (New and returning) shall no longer begin on Monday, 30th of August 2021 as previously indicated. The new starting date for the semester will be advised soon.

Online Registration!

Step 1: Visit

Step 2: Enter your student registration number as the username in lowercase

Step 3: Enter your password (If accessing in for the first time, use changeme as your one time password – you will be requested to update and create a new password)

Step 5: On the right menu panel under Registration, click on the Registration link

Step 6: Check the courses you wish to register by ticking in the checkboxes

Step 7: Click on Register – Your registration is now complete